BREWING the ideal CUP OF Green Tea
In specific cultures there are very precise methods to make a cup of tea or green tea box . In some cultures there is a method to whom is served first and tea leaves have to be added to the water a specific manner. In other cultures there's a few debate as to whether tea ought to be served with milk or lemon. relying on in which you stay and what traditions and practices you observe, your cup of tea may additionally very significantly from that of your neighbor. however if you're trying to find the manner to a divine cup of steaming tea, you must take the time to do it proper - or as a minimum near tea box sufficient.
We all know that green tea or green tea box is beneficial for us but are you sure you know all about this herb. Well, don’t be so sure cause however much you know is less. This tea box of magical herb just does not stop from showing its magical wonders over the human body. Chinese were the first to find out about green tea or green tea box  and had been reaping its benefits since then. Using it to treat everything from a headache to stress and so much more.
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